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Kids Camp America in the Wiesbaden and Mainz area is operated by Lori Nolte and Ronald Oostenbrink. Lori Nolte is an American native English speaker who is a certified teacher in English as a Second Language, Physical Education, Social Studies, and Special Education. She has 15 years of teaching experience, 10 of them internationally in Germany. The experience of teaching physical activities to language learners sparked her interest to continue her professional education and is currently pursuing an Ed.D. in International School Leadership.

Ronald Oostenbrink is a certified youth and family counselor and has been working with children to build confidence. By participating in various physical adventure challenges that require communication skills and teamwork children learn important survival skills in nature, life skills in cooperation, all the while speaking English with one another.

Together, we believe that Kids Camp America is a fantastic way to provide the content of English through fun and challenging situations. When kids learn through play they are living English. “Learn by Doing” is the cornerstone of our combined pedagogy.

At KCA each child can reach their full potential and have experiences that make memories that will last a lifetime. They will return home with improved linguistic skills and new confidence as they go back to school after the break. When your child joins KCA they join a team of open-minded people from a diverse range of nations with whom they will have forged lifelong friendships by the time they leave.

To find out more about our English Day Camps for kids, our English Afternoon Camps for teens, or our English Overnight Camps for kids and teens please follow the links.

We are KCA!
KCA is a provider of world-class English immersion camps in Germany

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